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The Story of the Nap Pals

A cross between a doll and a nap pillow - Nap Pals are perfect for playing or napping upon in the car on road trips or at home.


I am the mother of four children and a grandmother.  From experience, I can tell you that when you're looking for something for your child to play with, you want it to be something special.

In addition to being colorful and attractive, the Nap Pals are also useful and educational.

When my son was little, he never liked to go to bed without his Pooh, I wanted to make something like that - a friend that will enable the child to feel secure when it's time to take a nap. 

I also wanted the caretaker of the Nap Pal to be responsible for it.  So each Nap Pal comes with a birth announcement, which asks the child to make a commitment to give it lots of love and lots of care.  When a child makes a commitment, they're learning responsibility. 

Unfortunately, children can get chocolate and other ga-ga all over their dolls and toys, regardless of how committed they are to caring for them.  That's where one of the Nap Pal's most important features comes in.  Filled with 100% non-flammable polyester fiberfill, Nap Pal's are machine washable and may be tumble dried.  In addition they are non-allergenic, mothproof, and mildew resistant. 

Nap Pals are great gifts for children, ages 18 months to 7 years old, and even adults are susceptible to falling in love with them.

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