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Driver Education School - Recommendations for the Student Driver:

bulletIt is mandatory to have an experienced adult in the front passenger seat at all times while learning to drive. 
bulletPractice driving daily in all types of environments. 
bulletStart driving slowly in a large empty parking lot, advancing to open road driving in residential areas, then downtown and busier interstates.  
bulletDo not drive in an unfamiliar area with a student driver if you are not able to pay full attention to the student and their driving (i.e. don't be looking at a map when the driver is in need of instructions).
bulletPay full attention to the task of driving.  If the keys are in the ignition, do not talk on the phone, eat, change radio stations, etc.  Also, do not look at your passengers while having a conversation.
bulletDefensive driving is a must.  There are enough drivers on the road that are not paying attention to their driving (too busy talking on their cell phones, changing radio stations, reprimanding children in the backseat, etc) that defensive driving is fundamental in order to safely reach your destination. 

What not to do (a little humor):