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Driver Education School - Policies and Procedures

Eligibility: To enroll in Driver Education, a student must be 14 years of age.

Classroom Attendance:  Attendance is extremely important.  Students must attend the Eight hour Instructional class and must complete tests during this time period.  A student may not miss any portion for State Certification.  

Credit and Evaluation Procedures: This class will be evaluated as Pass/Fail.  Students must successfully demonstrate proficiency on all driving procedures as required by the State of Kansas.  All requirements must be completed prior to issuance of the Certificate of Completion.

Test-Out Procedure: Due to the nature of this course, testing out is not an option.

Scheduling/Time in Car:  Driving times will be developed with student or parent and teacher.  A minimum of SIX hours will be required to satisfy state requirements.  Cancellation of driving time must be by 8 PM the night before the scheduled drive or a fee will be charged for additional driving time at $50.00 per hour, paid in advance of the lesson. 

Certain types of footwear have been determined to be unacceptable for driving instruction.  These include clogs, Birkenstocks, open backed sandals and thongs.

Discipline:  Due to the serious nature of the material covered and the safety of others in the class, inappropriate student conduct will result in dismissal from the driver education without refund.

Parental Involvement: Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process of their student by providing additional supervised driving opportunities between sessions.  Kansas Law requires 50 hours of supervised driving by age 16. 

Kansas Law:  The new Kansas Law requires students to drive 50 hours with an adult, 10 of which must be night driving, in order to receive a regular license at age 16.  A Certificate of Completion will be issued to students who successfully complete the driver education course.  The Certificate of Completion will allow the student to receive a Kansas Driverís License (no other written or driving testing is required.)  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE NOT TO LOSE THESE FORMS.

Note: A Motor Vehicle Department Driverís License Examiner has the right to test anyone before issuing a license, even if they present a Certificate of Completion.  However, given Harder Performanceís excellent reputation, this has not yet happened.