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1999 Camaro Z-28     (click on the pictures to see them full size)

Winner of the 2003 BEST OF SHOW Conversion Hard Top, World of Wheels at Bartle Hall!!!  Come see it on display at Harder Performance!  


More photos below!
bulletFactory hugger orange paint with white leather interior, white face gauges  
bulletCustom vinyl die on everything that is plastic or vinyl 
bulletB+M ripper shifter with billet shift knob
bulletCarbon fiber controls and backing and kick plates
bulletHidden N.O.S. switch, LS-1 engine with K&N carbon fiber fire pack generation II cold air
bulletSuper sonic spark custom spark plugs
bulletHogged out throttle body and mass air flow sensor
bulletCustom radiator support
bullet160 horse power N.O.S. dry system with 2 injectors and solenoids
bulletEdelbrock tower brace 
bulletCop car suspension package all around
bulletHotchkis lower control arms and pan hard rod
bulletL.P.W. ultimate rear end cover with support bars
bulletMotive gear 3:73:1 rear gears with Richmond bearings
bulletBorg Warner 6 speed tyranny 
bulletFlow master American thunder catback exhaust with 3" stainless tips
bulletR.K. Sport 4 piece body kit with 5.5 inch spoiler
bullet4 point roll bar painted hugger orange for N.H.R.A. legal racing
bulletBillet grille and hyper white bulbs
bulletCustom graphics by Extremegraphix.com
bulletWill there be orange carpet in the future?  Perhaps...  With the other plans... 

Owner and Driver:  Joe Harder

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