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About Carol Harder:

Carol Harder was born in Georgia and raised across the United States.  She attended Wichita State University where she received a Masters of Fine Arts in metalsmithing with a minor in printmaking.  After teaching at the University of Kansas School of Fine Arts while her two children were small, she moved to the suburbs of Kansas City to teach high school students at Shawnee Mission Northwest.  At SM Northwest, she instructed students in various subjects from art fundamentals to advanced photography and jewelry.  Upon retiring from teaching at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, Carol Harder opened the Harder Performance Art School where students, from beginner to advanced, are taught a variety of new techniques and master their skills in the areas of computer arts, drawing, jewelry, painting, photography, sculpture and other subjects. 

She currently owns Harder Performance and teaches both in the Driver Education School and in the Art School.  Her son, Joe Harder, owns and runs the Custom Auto division of Harder Performance. Her son, Joe Harder, owns and runs the Custom Auto division of Harder Performance. 

Examples of Carol Harder's works can be seen in the 'on site' Art Gallery and items can be purchased in the Art for Sale Gallery.