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Title "Blue Floral" 

Painting by Carol Carpenter Harder, M.F.A.

Size 48" tall X 36" wide 

Medium Acrylic on Masonite, not framed, edges are a continuation of the painting. 

Price $700. plus shipping. 

Artist statement: This painting is one of many in a series of floral subjects, I enjoy painting. I like to work large. I enjoy the painting technique of the Impressionist Period, because of the play of light and the feminine quality of the subject. This series of Floral Paintings have graced offices, waiting rooms, living rooms and dinning rooms. Everyone loves them more and more as time goes on. I appreciate hearing this kind of feedback.



Artist Syd Solomon

Medium OIL on masonite

Artist signed painting in 1964

Size 20" tall X 22" wide, in original frame of bronze
metal, lined with black painted wood.

Statement: The price today $2,100.  This painting sold for $700.00 in 1964, it
is excellent condition, beautiful color, a rare find.

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